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For more Wolf News, pictures and information, check us out on our social media pages!

Learn more about the pack, and hear it straight from the wolf’s mouth! Lots of canine-blogging fun.  Find out what Anoki, Lomasi, and the whole pack are up to today.

Want to see more images of our furry friends? Visit our Tumblr page! Featuring beautiful photographs from our wonderful volunteers. News and wolf trivia are also common, so check us out!

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2 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. My granddaughter has spoken with Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center recently in case you’d like to have a bit of the chat since you’re the a sanctuary worker Darlene and Brenda! Our family disagrees about Liz delisting the wolves. This isn’t the only way Trump has hurt however.

    On your website she love the photos, Yellowstone and Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center she loves the videos, and the special events choices……….


  2. We’re Wishing Mexican Wolves Some Luck. But if you can do anything helpful please help the poor Mexican Wolves at least a little bit, my granddaughter can’t stand sudden extinction of any dog species. She knows if the Mexican wolves are quite luckily it’ll be close to how lucky pretty Lomasi was herself even though they lived in different lands.

    The other thing is we don’t want wolves taken off of the endangered list while our current president shows his horrible cruelty to citizens and foreign people, because he’d sure show worse cruelty to wild animals, especially the frequently misunderstood ones like the wild dogs no matter which species.


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