Runs with Wolves Sanctuary

Shadow came to us on Christmas Day 2012. She is an Alaskan malamute mix.

Shadow came from a lonely situation where she needed more interaction with people. Desperate for human companionship, she began escaping her pen and wandering to her heart’s content. We at Runs with Wolves have given her the nickname of “Houdini.”


Shadow is an affectionate gal who is up for adoption. We are currently working with her and her “talent,” and she needsRuns with Wolves Sanctuary someone who will give her the time and attention she craved before she came to the sanctuary.


If you are interested in adopting Shadow, please contact Brenda at 207-637-3007 between 10:30am to 6:30pm or at

16 thoughts on “Shadow

  1. Hi Shadow I’ve learn to blink howl and nod at your cousins as a greeting. of course we humans can learn from wolves, there are just lots of people who don’t have the courage to try. they’re content to be keen observers and seek long term victory rather than short term success. from books and movies you wolves are the ones who helped me see discovering who you really are, is the same quest as constantly following your heart. and wolves taught American Indians several lessons. playing refines skills of communication, teamwork, and hunting, plus if you do some training with a domestic dog for 5 hours or longer it’ll learn tons of words from you too. dog or wolf they don’t rely on any single form of communication they whimper bark growl snarl howl nuzzle lick snuggle wag the whole tail to express happiness and careful sometimes wag only the tip of their tail when annoyed. straight ears show leadership crooked ears half way down express these animals’ suspicion is pulling their ears back and squinting, and afraid their ears are flattened. when two have a disagreement the stronger one’s on top and the other one must stay sensible. share your affections and voice your feeling the dog or the wolf they’ll listen. In body language they show each other I’m in charge, I’m subordinate you’re in charge, I’m back off, I’m ready to fight, I want to play, I’m scared, I’m on a lookout, I’m ready for a nap, yum this looks and smells delicious I’m hungry, GRR don’t overthrow me, GRR patient it’s not your turn to eat yet, GRR SCRAM TRESPASSER, GRR these are my morsels find someone else you can share a few bites with buddy, and they howl in many tones at various volumes. howling is what wolves are famous for and here’s are some saying from wolves I found in a non- fiction book OW OW OWOO AR AR ROOO ARROO GARROO (where are you come hunting with me, yippee we caught dinner, stay off my turf, watch out, help, and of course they ask each other if everything’s okay when they’re far apart and want to stay together) that’s like us they want to feel stable in their territory!! a gentle mixed breed like you could do great in therapy indeed Shadow. THERAPY AND MORE, tug a tail, grab a stick, nip ears and cheeks, pounce trying to catch a grasshopper, kick a pebble, learn to swim, pull wheelchairs, pull sleds, be a guide dog, chew a bone, pick up balls, yank a piece of fur with a sibling, be a rescue dog, hunt bison deer elk caribou yak wisent musk ox rabbit mice squirrels and more mammals, go fishing, go on a safe camp, record your voice on video, do a dog show on TV, with some training hours pick up various toys that you bounce throw or chew. it really would be lots of fun to watch a gentle wolf- dog like you dear Shadow. This is your good true friend Jasmine in Utah saying all this for you and your cousins in this note because right now I’m studying your different kinds of contact


  2. HALLOWEEN HAS PASSED,HAPPY AUTUNM AND WINTER HOLIDAYS DEAR SHADOW. Your doing alright beautiful young strong WOLAMUTE? I hope so. I’ll tell you dear Shadow your wild cousins in fiction are helping me not feel helpless and they’re also helping me memorize enough behavior lessons to cultivate self – discipline too. Iberian, Italian, Indian, Canadian, Eurasian so far they’re the luckiest cousins but they still need a little help to not disappear, it’s your poor Mexican wolf cousin who you’d say is shouting for help.

    TOTEMS AND HIGH INTERESTS, WOLF AND DOLPHIN AS MY UNIQUE SPIRIT MATE PAIR, Shadow. I’d say visit dolphins for joy, but follow wolves for some of the best lessons of life, together in a spirit mate world a wolf with a dolphin could bring hope to peace and protection. My whole fantasy story would be unique for sure Shadow. I’d let my quiz results help me make the cast as well as use the spiritual visions from my mind. I reflect a fantasy traveler more than a girl who’d stay in one place.


  3. Oh Shadow how you doing pretty girl I believe Rebecca Grambo’s WOLF legend enemy and icon non-fiction book would support your house master in suitable helpful ways, the 2ooos this book talks about hundreds of years MILLIONS actually. I believe such a book would help your house master lookout for with skill and avoid shame of unknown consequences. This WOLF legend enemy icon book would help you and your house master stay in peace your whole life in your privacy doubtlessly!!!!!! This non-fiction book speaks the truth about your wolf cousins plus coyote and jackal , the dhole too. Love You Shadow. I’d adopt you if I could afford you but I have 3 disabilities and I’m in Roy UT pretty girl, so the cost’s a high price but I know you’d be fun enjoyable company to me also beneficial.

    AUTISM and EPILEPSY are 2 of my disability problems dear friend.


  4. Shadow I believe THE SEA WOLVES Living In The Great Bear Rainforest, and WOLF Legend Enemy Icon found easily online are the 2 books that would be the most helpful to whoever actually wished to adopt you. These 2 non-fiction books both share extra short facts on the sides of the pages (Truth, Opposite, and Reason ) they explain the ancient day problems and tell reader what your numerous foes totally misunderstood. they explain why some tribes like Hopi and Navajo fear your packs, both books explain European stuff. the sea wolf book tells readers what sea wolves eat and what small islands are considered their homeland. Prayers and nice Native American legends told in this wolf legend enemy icon book. I believe these 2 non-fiction books would help with understanding behavior and safety as well, they’re clear enough books to avoid confusion most of the time, they’re books that could help your house master gain resourcefulness even when stranger act nervous.


  5. Shadow dear, I consider SPELLFALL, and East of the SUN West of the MOON equally peaceful fiction trips! One has a hidden castle that a polar bear takes a girl to, and the other story has a friendly wolf who helps a girl find the place she belongs as well as who she is telling her a bit of her family’s old history and giving her some information about the place she’s visiting currently. Both pairs have a strong bond. Both the polar bear and the wolf protect their different human girlfriends skillfully. A hidden castle in the North with a funny unexpected shirt contest, and a place called Earthhave which has lots of soultrees, bears, unicorns, stags, and wolves with spell lords and spell ladies all cooperating, INTERESTING! Both books are hard to put down. Or they’re hard for me to put down.

    Jasmine Olson sharing books she’d consider as #1s since they’re harmless tales


  6. Shadow lovely gentle wolamute friend sorry someone said evil eye while you were just enjoying your bone, I like a wolf’s company better than an angels!!!!!! self-discipline and you help me figure out which keeps me calm. Self-satisfaction you wolves help me gain because every now and then you’ve helped me discover one of my uncommon positive abilities which keeps my self-concept pleasant. You wolves help me distinguish emotional consequences enough to ease my puzzles of personal feelings. and attitude and advice you wolves help me really feel my courage and firm preparation since I have a simple finding the caution in your stories. I indeed know the gentleness in your real character enough to say you were looking up silently trying to tell someone.

    please don’t interrupt me.
    This is my snack, I’m too hungry to share!
    Do you have some kind of essential news to tell me??
    Mind your manners friend we wolves eat in privacy, I’ll talk with you later.
    Retreat please you’re getting too close to me, and I want you safe, I also want to stay relaxed myself, please leave.

    big bad wolf as fake as elves and trolls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    mistwolves fake like fairies…
    vyrwolves fake like ogres!!!!
    Magehounds fake like griffins………
    werewolves fake like walking scarecrows like the one in the wizard of Oz!
    snow witches completely fake, the witch is the mean one! the wolves just cooperate since they fear the witch’s magical harms!!!!!!
    winged wolves fake like flying monkeys in the wizard of Oz………………………….
    the wolf in little red riding hood as fake as the Hagsfiends in the Ga- Hoole series!!
    Wolf Children fake like unicorns, if you find the Movie titled WOLF CHILDREN you’ll understand my point better……………………………….
    Star Wolves just lots of fun to imagine……………. especially star wolves from fiction chapter books!!!
    Elemental wolves fake, however entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shadowkeeper wolf packs as fake as Hexus in Fern Gully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m always able to find the good in you and your close cousins dear Shadow. I’ll always be your friend, you wolves don’t only always console me in numerous ways, when I think of a busy angel I start to feel left alone and being a wolf savior is my heat’s strong dream!!


  7. No house keepers Don’t Hurt this girl…..Her dreams are as unique as mine, like dear Shadow wishing to find a human companionship I think of the wolves uniquely enough to have the world laugh at me unless I stay quiet! Forests, The Heavens and Fields, the wolves help me find the good in me, and they help strike caution too, my dream of meeting calm wolves is a dream I can control only a little!!!!!!!!!! However A dream know can doubtlessly come true!! whenever I have the right amount of money to see YELLOWSTONE first and a wolf sanctuary later! I love the wolves enough to feel like if I had no humans to live with, it’s the wolves that I’d ask permission to join!!!!! I don’t feel my courage or preparation when I visualize an angel, but I feel my courage and preparation when I visualize wolves.


    Jasmine Olson


  8. At another sanctuary for wolves shown in their past resident photos, I’m sure the wolf who had my nickname Jazzy felt like the poodle was misbehaving, or thought of the poodle as an indoor rogue when she lived in a house, it also could have been that Jazzy knew the poodle was too active around the young kid, so Jazzy tried to be protective. But the family misunderstood her sensible reaction. Or at the bottom of the list of the few wise reasons about why the poodle was killed could have been that the wolf Jazzy had firm instincts the crazy yappy poodle was a spy of her own who’d scratch and bite???????????????

    I Jasmine Olson am a friend of yours with some wolf insight!


  9. We need ourselves we need each other the strength to be one another. As if it happened magically I’m deeply connected to the wolves. During Grade School I repeatedly visualize a calm wolf standing by my hips and hear a voice whispering if I can learn to do it then you can to do it. I have steadfast compassion, sincere harmony, and trustworthy acceptance of your existence. One with the gentle actions like yours Shadow could definitely be considered the wolf of my dreams. When I play my piano I can imagine soft howling following the music’s rhythm for fun. With fiction I carefully study your real prudence with science books of wolves I carefully study your communication and with both I study your true spirit. You’re the guardian of my dreams. I don’t live in fairy tales and I don’t live in the past, however I don’t fear the truth because I’d rather find self-satisfaction and do my best to shine. You’re the animal who soothes me quickly, you guide me and entertain me. With wolves I don’t feel fear, instead I feel courage and preparation. You wolves also help me not feel lonely or helpless. And while I repeatedly learn from you, my heart and soul are lifted too, because you wolves teach me essential caution. Plus I totally agree with you wolves about balancing wilderness on a planet. It’s my heart’s strongest dream to save you. You’re indeed protective enough that I’d always feel secure I’d let you take a look through my eyes so don’t run don’t hide you’ll be alright you’ll see trust me I’ll be there watching over you, just take a look through my eyes, you’ll be amazed what you find. I’m know for sure You wolves would find much more than only the peace we’d share. Especially the soft ones like you dear Shadow. I love You in the fall I’ll never forget you!!!!! We are all part of the grand design! I can’t stop loving you and I won’t stop loving you!! I testify my love to you!

    Jasmine Olson mainly sharing the deep emotions her day and night dreams of wolves.


  10. Picnic, Race, Sing, Swim a bit, Various Bouncy Ball games played in the yard, Walk any appropriate trails, Read to you, Watch movies of your cousins with you, You run I Bike and hold on to you just so you don’t get lost I’d have a simple time enjoying the day with you dear Shadow!


  11. Dear Shadow you’re part wolf and part dog, however I understand your kind enough to not panic! I understand enough of your body language to greet you with enthusiasm, with some patience in addition. If you were mine I’d absolutely do translating for you! Respectful fiction wolf tales console me, and numerous wolf photos reassure me, repeatedly. It doesn’t matter where we were walking Shadow UT New Mexico, Alaska Idaho, Africa or a Eurasian state, I’d watch over you while we took our stride hiking, racing, or swimming.

    I have real compassion, I have to repeatedly experience the problem of people fearing Epilepsy seizures, and the problem of some people thinking of me completely useless because of my Autism, though luckily the truth is I’m one of the few who are high functioning. My wolf items give me happy associations. I have steadfast loyalty and I also have endless fascination of wolves dear Shadow.




  12. Shadow dear pretty girl, whether an alpha or an assistant even an active agreement immediately after submission I can cope with. you and me dear Shadow if I ever had the money, My submission to you first would be to show clearly I come in peace, and then actions of extremely firm agreements / HARMONY gentle rumble, snort, wrinkling nose, and lip lifted just a little for a second, one done after the other. No lovely girl I wouldn’t just flee feeling frightened, NO NO NO, that’s the kind of facial expression I take as a Yes you’re a faithful young human to me and we indeed will share true loyalty, may come live with you please.
    ( This is how positive I’d judge the facially expressed harmony of yours Shadow)


    Big Apples
    4 Eggs
    Rabbit meat

    haha, plus whatever healthy Gruel that wolf pups are given as your holiday treat. I’d look on the internet I wouldn’t just guess. I’ve read of these dog gruels used for wolf pups from two fiction books of wolf pup rescues. Love You!


  13. We need ourselves we need each other the strength to be one another! Thanks Shadow you’re a calm wolamute who’d be simple to communicate with I’d understand most of your very emotional expressions as well as your expressions of agreement, and also this is the year I learned enough about the differences in peaceful friendship, kindness, rudeness, and danger to balance my defense actions while proceeding with faith. This is the year I really gained self-confidence of making personal decision because several fiction wolf stories helped me divide common, rare, and quite daily treatments enough to really feel clear conscience.

    Like I learned what bunch of other words can replace the word magic with the fiction book titled The Wolf’s Boy, I learned that discrimination is actually daily, and enemies allies and friends actually do with everything nothing only government stuff. I experienced how strong real faith can feel, and I learned which quality you have isn’t the big deal in work, the big deal is how you can cooperate.



  14. Shadow I’ve helped the animated jackal Reirei in the episode The Kupatana Celebration which is a Lion Guard episode, I’ll tell you I have enough insight to know Reirei’s song Jackal Style isn’t actually about theft, it’s taking things easy being mentioned in dog speech instead human. I can tell Reirei’s just busy teaching her jackal pups how to hunt outside the Pride Lands, and she wants her pups to use convenience and she gives them her support while they practice together. I’ve studied your family enough to know this Jackal Style song of Reirei’s is misunderstood by many, but it’s meant to be like the funny entertaining songs sung by Baloo the bear in The Jungle Book.

    Reirei and Baloo share at least two phrases that have the same main point GAIN CONFIDENCE BE POLITE one of Reirei’s song phrases FORGET ABOUT YOUR WORRIES AND YOUR STRIFE one of Baloo’s song phrases, they both mean take things easy.

    Love You Shadow!


  15. A friendly wolamute like you dear Shadow would sure be fun to see on video with a playful fox cousin racing each other with a toy in a yard. And I can see you and a fox cousin having fun together near a few trees. I can even see you and a fox cousin having a joyful time at a private camp with your licensed master, if you ever find one, which I hope you do.

    Family Protection
    gaining self-confidence

    You wolves have several values in common with your fox cousins, most people just haven’t studied the various fox species as they’ve studied the wolves with close attention. But it’s with her insight of fiction that my granddaughter recently discover your smallest differences, and she’s now reading more to try to discover your bigger hidden differences, however she understand your wolves and your fox cousins enough to know neither of you are like the cats in the wild at all, when carefully comparing frequent reactions instead of only using sight.

    I hope this year began happily for you dear Shadow.


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