Hello from Runs with Wolves Sanctuary


Anoki here. I’m the official spokeswolf for Runs with Wolves Sanctuary. You can call me Pickpocket. Everyone else does. Can’t understand why. If humans are silly enough to leave keys hanging out of their pockets, it isn’t my fault they end up in my mouth! They should be grateful that I’m keeping the keys safe for them. Otherwise, who knows, they could get lost in the mud or leaves or my dinner! And who the heck likes keys with moose meat? I sure don’t!

I want to announce the opening of our new website. Isn’t it groovy? I thought things needed to be spiced up a bit. It’s about time someone listened to me. And, to make things even more exciting, we wolves finally get our say in things around here with our very own blog.

Even though I’m the official spokeswolf, I will let the others have their moment in the spotlight. Besides, I doubt I could keep Loon quiet for long.

Anyway, I hope you’ll take a peek at our pictures (I look especially handsome), and read our stories. We also LOVE comments. Just click on the “comment” link at the top of this post, and you can send us a message. We reply to every message!

So, give us your thoughts. We’re all pretty interesting; although, I think I’m the most interesting of them all. Honestly, how can you top this?


Runs with Wolves Sanctuary